RWJF's Tobacco Work

In 2009 the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) contracted with the Center for Public Program Evaluation to provide an independent assessment of its tobacco initiatives. As part of this work, the center provided a “categorized grant inventory—a documented inventory of the body of RWJF tobacco-related grants categorized by program type.” This report includes the following charts and graphs that can serve as a resource for further assessment of RWJF’s tobacco work:

  • Total RWJF Funding for Tobacco Projects, 1991–2009.
  • Major Tobacco Programs, which groups RWJF major tobacco grants into categories of programs or projects.
  • Strategies, which describes RWJF’s major strategies in its tobacco work.
  • Major Programs by Strategy, which aligns the major programs with RWJF’s strategic themes.
  • Major Programs by Focus Area, which aligns the major programs to the four focus areas:
  1. Supporting the development and implementation of tobacco-cessation treatments and health insurance coverage for these treatments.
  2. Enacting smoke-free indoor air laws.
  3. Increasing federal and state tobacco excise taxes.
  4. Establishing nationwide protections through the Master Settlement Agreement and federal oversight and regulation of tobacco and nicotine.