More than a Decade of Helping Smokers Quit

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) used a three-pronged strategy to help people quit smoking: (1) “science push” (proving, improving and disseminating evidence-based cessation treatments); (2) “capacity building” (increasing the capacity of providers, health care systems and community services to deliver effective treatments); and (3) "market pull” (increasing policy-maker and consumer demand for proven treatment options).

This report covers all three strategies and the work RWJF funded, including:

  • Research on the effect of price increases in youth uptake of smoking;
  • Dissemination of the Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guideline;
  • Paying special attention to helping pregnant smokers and youth quit using tobacco;
  • Building capacity for improved cessation treatment in managed care and other health care organizations;
  • Increasing consumer demand through policies to support cessation and improvements in the accessibility, reach and use of proven cessation services such as quitlines;
  • Making treatment more affordable and more appealing.

If you want to quit smoking call 1-800-QUIT NOW for help.