The slides in this document by Frank Chaloupka, Ph.D., show the impact on reducing smoking and smoking-related deaths during the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's tobacco-control and cessation work (1993–2010) and also projects figures to 2063.

Chaloupka's presentation also charts tax increases in total and by state; the increase in the price of cigarettes caused by the Master Settlement Agreement; and increases in the overall price of cigarettes. It then shows their impact on smoking and smoking-related deaths. It provides data on smoke-free air legislation, in total and by state, and charts the impact on the number of smokers, and smoking-related deaths. Finally, it combines tax increases, Master Settlement Agreement and smoke-free air laws to show the overall impact on the number of smokers and smoking-related deaths.

The slides are an accompanying piece to the main report: The Tobacco Campaigns of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Collaborators, 1991–2010.