Medicaid Leadership Institute

Field of Work: Leadership training for state Medicaid directors.

Problem Synopsis: By 2014, Medicaid will become the largest health care purchaser in the nation, responsible for up to 80 million people and with a budget of $634 billion. Yet, state Medicaid directors—whose responsibilities and scope of work are similar to those of a CEO of a large insurance company or a Fortune 500 company—get little or no leadership training.

Synopsis of the Work: The Medicaid Leadership Institute is a fellowship program for state Medicaid directors to enhance their leadership capacity so their state programs can serve as national models for high-quality, cost-effective care. It includes the Medicaid Boot Camp, designed to provide critical tools and information to help state Medicaid directors and their senior staff succeed.

Key Findings/Results

  • The Class of 2010 completed its training sessions in June 2010 but continued to participate informally until the end of the year. The Class of 2011 began training in July 2010. Key results to date include:

    • Raising the profile of Medicaid and its leaders by connecting fellows to national policy experts, other Medicaid directors, other RWJF projects and federal policy-makers
    • Stimulating and facilitating innovations in Medicaid programs
    • Building the Medicaid bench