Thank you for your interest in the PROMETHEUS payment model. If you choose to move forward, we wish you the best of luck with your pilot.

At the very least, we hope a PROMETHEUS pilot will generate critical information to spur continuous, measurable improvements in your organization. At best, we hope it provides the framework for a transition to a payment system that provides greater value and improved patient outcomes for your organization—and maybe one day across the entire health care system.

Again, it is not necessary to contact HCI3 to implement the model, but the PROMETHEUS team stands ready to provide the advice and support you need at any time. Even though PROMETHEUS is designed to help rein in costs, funding your pilot may be an issue in this era of tight budgets. If so, you might be eligible to receive financial support during your implementation. Contact HCI3 for details.

For additional information on any of the topics covered in this toolkit, please review the many tools and resources listed in each section, or visit