Jobs to Careers: Preliminary Results for Healthcare Employers

This brief is one in a series of final reports from the Evaluation of the Jobs to Careers Program. It presents the preliminary findings of this evaluation that have specific relevance to healthcare employers.

Specifically, the brief describes the Jobs to Careers work-based learning model of education and career advancement, identifies the key issues for employers in designing and implementing programs based on this model, and illustrates the business case for this type of employer investment in frontline workers (FLWs).

This brief builds on additional study publications, including two evaluation briefs and a final synthesis report.

Lessons Learned:

  • Educational institutions can provide remedial education and clinical training that meets the needs of FLWs, including credentials to assist career advancement.
  • Tuition remission agreements with educational partners allow employers to maintain worker accountability while enabling FLWs to take courses without steep financial barriers.
  • Paid educational release time from work (to attend class or do coursework) or on-site classes may allow FLWs to complete a certificate or take a course that otherwise would not have been feasible.
  • Addressing the basic skills remediation needs of workers may help FLWs overcome obstacles in obtaining additional education and result in a better educated workforce.
  • Supervisors who interact on a regular basis with FLWs play a critical role in transmitting the mission and goals of the organization to workers.


The Jobs to Careers: Transforming the Front Lines of Health Care initiative is a workforce development model that creates partnerships between employers, educational institutions, and other relevant stakeholders in the community to improve skill and career development in frontline workers.

Evaluation Results

Evaluation of the Jobs to Careers Program

This evaluation assesses work-based learning systems and partnerships, and articulates the successes and challenges of the Jobs to Careers program in achieving its objectives.

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