Developing Policies to Address Oral Health Issues in California Schools

For the students who attend them, schools can serve as an essential element in reducing health inequities and improving access to care. This project was intended to expand California’s public health infrastructure by providing the support that schools need to play a vital role in children’s health and well-being. In this case, the focus was on oral health.

To set the direction for their districts, school board members were engaged on the issue of oral health, a key piece in the overall health of the children—with the goal of improving student wellness and increasing academic success.

The California School Board Association worked to heighten the awareness and importance of student wellness among school governance teams while the Dental Health Foundation elevated the importance of oral health to an issue of concern among policy-makers. This project sought to establish a policy framework for addressing oral health in California’s schools.

Advancing Public Health Practice and Policy Solutions

  1. 1. Developing Policies to Address Oral Health Issues in California Schools
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