IOM Calls for Fundamental Reform in the Way that Care is Delivered to Older Adults

    • November 10, 2010

In April 2008 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report, Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce, which calls for fundamental reform in the way that care is delivered to older adults and puts forth a plan to help ensure that the health care workforce is sufficient in both size and skill to handle the needs of a new generation of older Americans.

The report was the product of a 15-month effort by the institute’s Committee on the Future Health Care Workforce for Older Americans.

Key Recommendations

  • Focus attention by requiring an annual report to Congress on the health care workforce devoted to serving older Americans.
  • Enhance the geriatric competence of the health care workforce through changes in training, licensing and certification.
  • Increase the recruitment and retention of geriatric specialists and caregivers through financial incentives.
  • Promote the development and dissemination of more efficient and effective models of care for elder Americans.