Guam Sustantia Project

    • August 4, 2010

Field of Work: Working with local faith congregations to address childhood obesity

Problem Synopsis: Children and their families in two towns on Guam lacked knowledge about healthy foods and available safe and attractive playgrounds. Synopsis of the Work: A coalition of some 40 organizations, led by a team from the Guam SDA Ypao Church of the Guam Micronesia Missions, worked with grocery stores to develop, implement and publicize a healthy foods logo identification system. The team also created a playground-oriented program to increase physical activity among local children.

Key Findings/Results

  • Sustantia volunteers identified inexpensive and nutritious food items and marked them by placing smiley-face Sustantia logo stickers on shelves where the food items were located. They publicized the logo identification system, while educating children and their parents about healthy nutrition and exercise, through many outlets and activities.

    The team also created the SPARK program ("Sports, Physical Activity, and Recreation, Kommunidat") to increase levels of physical activity among children by improving conditions at playgrounds.