Busy at the Beehive: Low-Income and Low-Literate Patients Go Online to Find Help Managing Their Diabetes

Staff at One Economy Corporation created and expanded Manage Your Diabetes, an interactive website designed to help people with low incomes and low literacy skills monitor and control their diabetes.

Key Results

  • One Economy launched Manage Your Diabetes on The Beehive, its bilingual (English and Spanish) self-help website in November 2007. The expanded website, launched in May 2009, has more information and resources and new interactive tools, videos and polls. It is organized into five content zones:
    • Learning Zone: managing diabetes with a five-step action plan
    • Eat to Live: diet is a key to keeping your blood sugar level in check
    • Move More & Stay Active: strategies for working exercise into daily life
    • Live Well & Take Action: health tools and resources for managing the disease
    • Community & Support: a team of health experts supports viewers; viewers can share their stories
  • People visited Manage Your Diabetes more than 123,000 times from November 2007 through March 2010: 87,000 visits to the new website from January 2008 through March 2010 and 36,000 visits to the original website. This included people using both the English and Spanish content.