Communicating with Physicians about Performance Measurement

In the fall of 2008, RWJF sponsored research to explore messages to use to engage physicians in the concept of measuring and publicly reporting data on their performance. RWJF recognized that educating providers about ways to improve care—including increased adherence to known standards—is an instrumental part of health care transformation. Thus, RWJF sponsored research on how best to begin talking with physicians about measuring and reporting data on their performance.

The goal was to identify messages that were most likely to engage physicians to consider becoming early adopters of—and advocates for—performance measurement and public reporting.

It is important to note that the purpose of the research was solely to identify and test messages for communications purposes. It was not conducted to identify what aspects of performance measurementwere supported or disputed or to gather insights into how to design different performance measurement or physician reimbursement systems.

Since its release in early 2009, AF4Q community teams have used the research to assist in efforts to engage their local physicians in health care performance measurement and public reporting initiatives.