Perceived Quality of Care, Receipt of Preventive Care, and Usual Source of Health Care Among Undocumented and Other Latinos

In this study, undocumented Latinos reported the lowest rates of health care services, including some preventive services that could help avoid higher-cost health care in late stage or emergency care.

Undocumented Latinos, compared to U.S.-born Latinos, had lowest rates of: insurance coverage (37% versus 77%, respectively); usual source of care (58% versus 79%, respectively); blood pressure checked (67% versus 87%, respectively); cholesterol checked (56% versus 83%, respectively); and self-reported excellent/good care in the past year (76% versus 80%, respectively). In addition, 40 percent of undocumented Latinos, compared to 20 percent of U.S.-born Latinos, said they did not receive any health information from their doctor in the past year.