Cross-Systems Financing Project Learning Community Creates Care Integration in Five Sites

From January 2006 through December 2008, staff at the Technical Assistance Collaborative in Boston established and guided a "learning community" in which participants developed strategies to integrate funding for and improve access to mental health and substance abuse services in their states and counties.

Six jurisdictions comprised the Cross-Systems Financing Project Learning Community: Franklin County, Ohio; Philadelphia; and the states of Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico and Washington.

Key Results

  • Sites increased both the number of funding sources for substance abuse and mental health services and the number of agencies that contributed funds for those services.
  • In Franklin County, the number of children and youth placed in residential centers outside the county decreased by 15 percent.
  • In New Mexico, a new Transition Services Program refinanced and restructured services for youth ages 15 to 21 who are coming out of juvenile correctional facilities.
  • In Washington, new funds sustained and expanded a Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment protocol that identified people needing substance abuse services, offered them brief services and referred them for ongoing help.