Navigating the Health Care Maze: New Website in Washington, D.C., Provides the Map

One Economy Corporation designed, launched and marketed a website, DC Healthcare for You, designed to help low-income residents navigate the Washington health care system and gain access to information on health. One Economy also evaluated the potential of the site to improve health and health care among its users.

Key Results

  • Project staff reported the following results to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2009:

    • One Economy Corporation launched DC Healthcare for You in February 2007. The multimedia website, available in English and Spanish, includes audio interviews with local doctors, and videos on local health care resources and how to apply for health insurance.
    • One Economy conducted a print and online campaign to promote DC Healthcare for You, targeting low-income Washington neighborhoods.
    • One Economy expanded public Internet access in low-income sections of Washington and introduced low-income residents to the website.

Key Findings

  • In a report on their evaluation of the website, released in January 2009, researchers cited the following findings:

    • Most registered users of the website were aged 18–49, and some 65 percent of registered users who identified their gender were women.
    • The ZIP code with the most registered users corresponded with Ward 8, a low-income neighborhood targeted by One Economy.
    • Some 67 percent of registered users said they planned to use the health services they learned about on the site.