McKinley Marketing Helps the National Association of County and City Health Officials Serve the Needs of Its Members

Addressing the infrastructure needs of local health departments

The leadership of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), a membership organization for local public health departments, believed it was not doing enough to serve the needs of its members. In 2007, it contracted with McKinley Marketing, a Washington-based consulting firm, to evaluate ways in which NACCHO could improve service to its members and broaden its funding base.

Key Results

  • McKinley Marketing produced an operations plan for NAACHO in October 2008. Key recommendations included:

    • Hire additional staff for member relations, business development and communications
    • Customize technical assistance to members around different segments, such as urban versus rural
    • Build organization-wide processes and measures to assess the quality and value of products and services to members
    • Use software and the Web to expand ways that members can network and share best practices
    • Create talking points to help members discuss issues with policy-makers