Project Identifies 33 Indicators that a Community is "Elder-Friendly"

From June 1999 through September 2003, project staff with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York developed a survey and a process for communities to use to rate their "elder-friendliness" and use this information to take action to meet the needs of their elder population.

Key Results

  • Project staff developed the AdvantAge Initiative to pilot test the strategy in 10 communities across the United States.

  • From February 2000 through January 2003, project staff also identified and profiled "best practices" initiatives that promote elder health and independence in 17 U.S. communities.

  • Project staff developed project findings as six "Lessons Learned," set within the context of individual community initiatives.

  • They disseminated the findings in a 59-page report, Best Practices: Lessons for Communities in Supporting the Health, Well-Being, and Independence of Older People.