Program Offers Disadvantaged Teens a Gateway to Health and Science Careers

This article profiles the Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education, a program that helps low-income and minority high school students enter careers in science, medicine and technology. The program, based in New York City and recently expanded to Boston, aims to increase the number of minority and low-income individuals in medical and scientific careers.

  • Eighty percent of students enrolled in the Gateway program graduate from college, and 10 percent become physicians.
  • Students enroll in the Gateway program in 9th grade. The institute has an 11-month school year, small classes, and a lengthened school day. It also places students in summer internships at research institutes and universities.
  • The Gateway program is supported by numerous private sector supporters, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as well as the city of New York and the city of Boston.

By increasing the number of low-income and minority students who pursue careers in medicine, the Gateway Institute for Pre-College Education may eventually help increase the number of doctors in underserved regions.