Medical Students at Six Schools Learn how to Provide Palliative Care - And Their Teachers Learn How to Teach It

    • September 30, 2009

From November 2006 to May 2009, investigators at the Medical College of Wisconsin helped six medical schools develop educational programs for palliative care and trained faculty at those schools to teach in the field.

At the time of this grant, there was no hard data on the unmet need for palliative care education in U.S. medical schools, according to Project Director David E. Weissman, MD. However, the fact that some 51 schools applied for six slots in the first cohort of medical schools selected and another 35 applied for the six slots in the second cohort of selected schools suggested that demand for such training remained high, Weissman said.

Key Results

  • Each of the six schools established new palliative care curricula for third- and fourth-year medical students. Curricula included both required and elective courses.

  • Each school instituted faculty development programs in palliative care.