Company executives and managers play a key role in establishing and promoting policies that define workplace culture and standards. Case studies of “best practice” organizations in the “Wisdom at Work: Retaining Experienced Nurses” study identify numerous examples where management-led initiatives focusing on greater openness and inclusion had a positive effect on employee retention.

Examples of successful management driven initiatives include empowering staff through “open door” policies and creating an organization-wide culture prioritizing employee satisfaction. Finding that “employee satisfaction directly linked to higher profitability,” First Horizon National Corporation (FHN) overhauled its corporate top-down model and created a new, successful model integrating all employees at all levels of decision-making.

Other case study examples include creating collaborative leadership cabinets comprised of physicians and nurses; and establishing a new human resources division focused on workforce strategy to help managers become better supervisors. “Best practice” organizations found improved communication, job satisfaction and greater employee willingness to stay on.