Six Communities in Pittsburgh's East End Benefit from Coalitions to Prevent Childhood Obesity

From 2005 to 2008, the Kingsley Association developed and implemented strategies for preventing childhood obesity in 16 communities in Pittsburgh's East End. The strategies included convening youth service providers to create coalitions and plans to combat childhood obesity; expanding safe opportunities for children to be physically active; and reducing their consumption of unhealthy beverages, foods and snacks.

Kingsley staff pursued the project with staff of the Healthy Black Family Project at the University of Pittsburgh, which focuses on preventing hypertension and diabetes in adults in low-income communities.

Key Results

  • Youth service providers attending eight workshops co-hosted by Kingsley and the Healthy Black Family Project developed coalitions and strategic plans to tackle childhood obesity in four Youth Wellness Zones.
  • Kingsley engaged more than 2,500 children in supervised physical activities offered two to six times each week, and provided training and support for 250 volunteer coaches, certifying 100 through a contract with the Positive Coaching Alliance.
  • Staff from both Kingsley and the Healthy Black Families Program educated parents and children about healthy eating and provided nutritious food during sponsored physical activities.