Meeting the Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Victims of Intimate Partner Violence, by Providing Comprehensive, Confidential and Holistic Services

The Family Violence Prevention Fund conducted a literature review and key informant interviews to identify and highlight program models for addressing intimate partner violence in immigrant and refugee communities.

Key Results

  • Project staff produced two reports:

    • Literature on Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities: Review and Recommendations summarizes more than 500 relevant studies.
    • Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities: Challenges, Promising Practices and Recommendations provides specific recommendations for funders, service providers and advocates.

Key Findings

  • As reported in the literature review and recommendations report:

    • Intimate partner violence is probably less prevalent among immigrant and refugee populations than among other groups but where it occurs, it may be more difficult for victims to obtain help.
    • Cultural values and practices are a significant influence on various aspects of intimate partner violence.

Key Recommendations

  • Comprehensive, confidential and holistic services are necessary to meet both the acute and ongoing needs of immigrant and refugee victims of intimate partner violenc

  • Funders should support programs that build trust between victims and service providers.

  • Funders should support leadership development programs to engage victims who wish to apply new skills to assist others.