What is PROMETHEUS Payment?

Ideas about how to pay providers to improve quality and reduce costs are ground zero for many current discussions about national health reform. A variety of solutions are being touted to correct the widespread deficiencies and increase value in our health care system—with concepts like “Accountable Care Organizations” and “medical homes” getting a lot of attention.

Another is the PROMETHEUS Payment® approach—a promising model for measuring and paying for care that could be especially valuable for health care leaders and policy-makers as they are faced with the challenges of health care costs in this economy. The consumer-centered PROMETHEUS approach is currently being tested in real communities across the country.

This brief explains the three essential elements of the program and how it offers a realistic, rational and sustainable blueprint for a new health care payment system. As the nation explores ways to increase health care value and usher in meaningful changes in the way care is paid for, the PROMETHEUS Payment model offers a viable option for a future with better patient outcomes and greater care cost effectiveness.