Do the Work

Want to improve your community or organization's efforts but don't know where to start? The Community Tool Box may be the answer.

What is the Community Tool Box? 

The Community Tool Box is the world's largest resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It offers more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating change and improvement.

What practical information will I find in Community Tool Box?

On the Community Tool Box Web site, you will find many different resource materials for building healthy communities. These resources include nearly 300 sections of practical step-by-step guidance in specific community-building skills.

Go to Do the Work to find support for 16 core competencies or skill areas, including such areas as how to: create and maintain coalitions and partnerships; assess community needs and resources; build leadership; influence policy development; and implement a social marketing effort.

Click on Solve a Problem to find reflection questions and supports for addressing common challenges in this work (e.g., not enough participation, facing opposition), or go to Use Promising Approaches to find help in implementing key processes (e.g., documenting progress) and links to databases of best practices.

Who uses the Community Tool Box?

Community Tool Box users include: RWJF grantees, members of community partnerships, agency directors and staff, organizations that support community initiatives (universities, hospitals, foundations, and state and federal agencies), and citizens and members of grassroots organizations. Their interests include—but are not limited to—health promotion, child health, youth development, health disparities and building healthy communities.

CTB Español

The Community Tool Box is also available in Spanish.