Online Database of Health Policy Expanded to Lawmakers and RWJF Program Officers

From 1997 to 2002, National Conference of State Legislatures expanded its Health Policy Tracking Service to reach three key audiences:

  • Major health-related legislative committee offices in each state.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)-funded national program offices.
  • Program officers at RWJF.

Key Results

  • The tracking service registered all 50 state legislatures and close to 90 RWJF national program offices for its services; users of the service's website gained access to between 40,000 and 80,000 pages monthly.

  • Project staff fielded four annual surveys to approximately 200 state executive and legislative contacts about upcoming priorities and published a survey report for each.

  • The tracking service produced both online and print publications, including:

    • Summaries of more than 50,000 state health bills introduced and laws enacted from 1998 through 2001.
    • Approximately 81 new or updated issue briefs covering critical health and health care topics (e.g., substance abuse treatment, women's health and nursing shortages).
    • Biweekly reports called "Snapshots," including actions taken by states, and national and regional trends, in topic areas such as health insurance, managed care, addiction, long-term care, public health preparedness, tobacco and Medicaid.
    • Four editions of a 400-page annual report, Major Health Care Policies: 50 State Profiles, which chronicles the major health care policies of each state each year, in the context of state actions over the past seven years.