A Health Learning Circle Focuses on Developing Health Care Leadership

Staff of the Leadership Learning Community, a project of the Tides Center, created a "Health Learning Circle," an affinity group of individuals and organizations concerned with the development of health care leadership. The goal was to provide members with an avenue to identify successful practices, work together to tackle tough health care issues and generate new tools and knowledge about effective leadership.

Key Results

  • Between March 2007 and June 2008, the Health Learning Circle convened two national retreats in Rohnert, Calif., and three Web-based virtual meetings.
  • Some 35–40 people attended the Health Learning Circle retreats, and 20–35 people participated in the circle's online virtual meetings.
  • Several participants reported starting new initiatives as a result of connections made through the Health Learning Circle.
  • Some 57 health-related leadership programs and foundations and 25 individuals created profiles on the Leadership Learning Community website (no longer available).