Two Reports Describe Promising Programs and Approaches to Preventing Youth and Intimate Partner Violence

Project staff at Prevention Institute, Oakland, Calif., produced two reports highlighting promising programs and approaches to preventing youth and intimate partner violence—with an emphasis on initiatives directed at vulnerable groups, including women and girls and low-income communities.

Key Findings

  • Prevention Institute staff produced two reports that summarized their findings:

    • A June 2006 report, Creating Safe Environments: Violence Prevention Strategies and Programs, describes nine violence prevention approaches, with emphasis on initiatives directed at vulnerable populations, including:
      • Racial/ethnic groups
      • Immigrants
      • Low-income populations
      • Girls and women.
    • A January 2007 report, Poised for Prevention: Advancing Promising Approaches to Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence, discusses conclusions from a conference of national experts, including:
      • Promising approaches to changing community environments and societal norms to discourage intimate partner violence.
      • Actions to build momentum for primary prevention of intimate partner violence.
      • Ways to advance intimate partner violence primary prevention in immigrant communities.