New Website Profiles 24 Innovative Nursing-Driven Models of Health Care Delivery

In 2007–2008, a team at Health Workforce Solutions LLC, a consulting firm in San Francisco, investigated innovative, nursing-driven models of health care delivery, identified 24 models for in-depth study and disseminated detailed information about the 24 on a website created for the project.

The purpose was to bring attention to—and promote replication of—models of care that emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration and offer promise for workforce organization in the rapidly changing health care environment.

Staff of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) believed that the nation's growing shortage of nurses called for an examination of new ways to use existing resources and provide needed nursing services.

Key Results

  • A website developed by the project team profiled each of the 24 selected models, providing detailed information on the following:

    • Impetus for the model's development.
    • Key elements.
    • Implementation process and status of replication.
    • Results.
    • Lessons learned by the sponsoring organization.
    • Profile of the model's creator or manager.
    • Tools and resources for potential replicators.


Key Findings

  • The project team identified eight elements or themes common to many of the 24 models and said these eight characteristics "help describe how they [the models] have changed care delivery, as well as inform future efforts by other organizations."