Transforming Hospital Culture

Field of Work: Hospital organizational culture

Problem Synopsis: Hospitals were faced with several challenges in the early 2000s, including patient dissatisfaction, nursing shortages and poor financial performance.

Synopsis of Work: Much culture change work focused on improving the work environment for nurses, who play a central role in patient care and hospital administration. In 2006, Transforming Hospital Culture funded 10 hospitals to document their stories of improving their organizational culture, with the goal of helping other hospitals understand how to create and sustain culture change in their institutions.

Key Results

  • The 10 hospitals produced reports that detailed the story of their culture transformation. The hospitals achieved mixed results, as described in these reports. The documents described:

    • The strategies and interventions the hospitals used to achieve culture change.
    • The challenges encountered during the process and how the hospitals responded.
    • The achievements and successes the hospitals attained.
    • The sustainability of the change.

    The program produced a 2007 report titled Transforming Hospital Culture: Key Findings from the Project: Tools that Support Transformation. The report identifies and synthesizes eight components to hospital transformation culled from the 10 hospitals' reports.