Kickin' Asthma

This article evaluates a school-based intervention for urban children with asthma. Since asthma disproportionately affects urban children, interventions through urban schools hold potential to improve children's asthma management.

Researchers evaluated the implementation of Kickin' Asthma, an asthma management curriculum taught in middle schools and high schools in Oakland, Calif. They conducted a baseline and follow-up survey of 990 students with asthma to track changes of symptom frequency, hospitalization, emergency room visits, medication use, and activity limitations due to asthma.

Key Findings:

  • Students were less likely to visit the emergency room or be hospitalized after participating in the Kickin' Asthma curriculum. They also experienced significantly fewer days with activity limitations, fewer physician visits, and fewer missed days of school.

School-based interventions may prove an effective way to improve asthma management among urban children.