Clearing the Air Institute for Policy Advocacy Trains Smoke-Free Advocates from Around the United States

From 2001 to 2007, the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation in Berkeley, Calif., conducted a series of educational and communications activities to increase public awareness of the hazards of secondhand tobacco smoke and to expand the capacity of the smoke-free policy movement.

Central to the effort were four conferences designed to increase the knowledge and skills of smoke-free advocates from across the country. Entitled Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy Advocacy, the sessions trained participants to educate policy-makers, restaurant owners and other business interests on the benefits of smoke-free restrictions.

Key Results

  • A total of 507 individuals from across the nation received training in smoke-free advocacy at the four conferences.

  • Staff delivered a total of 29 trainings and presentations at other conferences, meetings and workshops.

  • Staff displayed exhibits on the benefits of smoke-free public places at 44 hospitality industry conferences and other events and distributed approximately 60,000 educational brochures targeting owners of restaurants and related businesses.

  • Staff members counted 4,500 instances in which they provided technical assistance by telephone and e-mail to public health professionals, advocates and others working on smoke-free policies and related campaigns.