What Factors Encourage Nurse Managers to Keep Working and Do an Excellent Job?

    • November 20, 2008

Researchers interviewed 30 nurse managers at six medical centers from May to August 2007 to elicit "signature" individual and organizational factors that encourage engagement among nurse managers, that is, job longevity and excellence in job performance.

Key Findings

  • Engaged nurse managers exhibit 10 signature behaviors. For example:
    • Focusing on purpose, outcomes and big-picture thinking about self, team and organization.
    • Finding gratification in developing others, and offer opportunities for autonomy and freedom.
    • Conveying excitement about staff, colleagues and leadership, and dedication to patient care and the organization.
  • Five signature elements of organizational culture contribute to the longevity and excellence in job performance of nurse managers. Among them:
    • Creating opportunities for educational mobility, and encourages learning through risk-taking.
    • Conveying esteem for nursing through responsiveness to the viewpoints and decision-making of nurse managers.
    • Communicating its mission and values with clarity, and aligns its goals and values with those of individuals.