Recommendations to Improve Access to Health Care for Prisoners Coming Home in Alameda and Los Angeles Counties

    • November 11, 2008

Urban Strategies Council led a coalition of nonprofit, community and faith-based organizations in California's Alameda and Los Angeles counties to design programs and make recommendations to improve access to health care for formerly incarcerated individuals who have reentered the community.

Key Results

  • Urban Strategies Council and its partner organizations:

    • Established task forces on prisoner reentry health care in Alameda and Los Angeles counties.
    • Developed community plans in Alameda and Los Angeles counties that secured the commitments of faith-based organizations to provide health education, referral and treatment to formerly incarcerated individuals.
    • Conducted a survey of 138 formerly incarcerated individuals in Alameda County about their access to health care, insurance coverage and health status.
    • Designed a system of care in Los Angeles in which county Community Assessment Services Centers function as a single point of contact for returning prisoners, providing screenings and referrals for drug, medical and mental health services.
    • Developed a comprehensive health and wellness curriculum to educate inmates about a variety of health topics.