Improving Public Coverage for Children in Washington

This brief examines work done by Covering Kids & Families © (CKF) in Washington state in the three key CKF strategy areas: outreach, simplification and coordination. It also examines the extent to which CKF initiatives are continuing since the CKF grant period ended. It concludes with trends in children’s coverage in Washington and discusses lessons learned from the efforts of the CKF project in Washington.

The brief draws information from a variety of qualitative and quantitative data sources, including: Medicaid and SCHIP data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS); the U.S. Census Bureau; the Covering Kids Online Reporting System (in which CKF grantees reported on policy changes affecting coverage during the grant period); reports on CKF grantees from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s CKF evaluation; surveys administered to Medicaid and SCHIP officials and state grantees as part of the CKF evaluation; and, finally, personal communication with Medicaid and SCHIP officials and state grantees. Using these data, the authors reviewed health reform in Washington, and examined how the relationship between the CKF grantee organization and the state government supported Medicaid and SCHIP outreach, simplification and coordination activities in the state.