From Volume to Value

A major cause of the quality and cost problems in U.S. health care today is attributed to the current payment system built to reward the quantity of treatment, not the quality of care. The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI) urges solutions that could save billions of dollars and make expanding health insurance to the uninsured more affordable in their new report, From Volume to Value: Transforming Health Care Payment and Delivery Systems to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs.

From Volume to Value addresses a number of important issues and a variety of challenges to overcome in order to move the proposed improvements from concept to reality. A summit of more than 100 leaders from across the country—doctors, hospitals, insurers, academics, foundations, government, regional health care collaboratives and others—generated the recommendations.

This report is the first in the NRHI Health Care Payment Reform Series, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The series examines ways to reform payment systems, improve quality and reduce costs in the health care system.