Going Home From the Hospital: Project Supports Elderly, Chronically Ill Residents of Absecon Island, N.J. - and Develops a Regional Health Information Organization

    • October 17, 2008

Beginning in 2002, Jewish Family Service of Atlantic County worked to improve home care for frail older residents of Absecon Island, in New Jersey, who were being discharged from hospitals and other care facilities.

In addition to providing case management assistance, the organization convened a local council to identify and address systemic issues facing older adults in the community. The council ultimately pursued the creation of a regional health information organization to allow providers to share information about patients.

Key Results

  • Some 243 older adults received case management assistance during the project. Some 83 percent of these did not return to the hospital in the six months after they became clients of the program.
  • The project created a regional health information organization, the Electronic Medical Record Exchange Southern New Jersey, which is now part of a wider effort to promote information sharing in the southern part of the state.