A Web-Based Health Resource is Launched in New York

    • October 31, 2008

The Greater New York Hospital Foundation, a trade organization of hospitals and continuing care organizations, developed, launched and then evaluated an interactive online tool designed to provide social service workers and consumers in New York with accessible easy-to-understand information about health resources available to individuals and families who have no health insurance or inadequate coverage.

Key Results

  • The project team launched the site, called Health Information Tool for Empowerment, or HITE, in February 2005.

  • HITE includes:

    • A comprehensive, searchable database of organizations providing programs and services for low-income, underserved individuals.
    • Online eligibility calculators that can help individuals or families determine whether they are eligible for one of New York's publicly funded health insurance programs or for a low-cost private insurance program.

Evaluation Findings

  • The vast majority of users reported that the information included on HITE was useful (96%), current (90%) and accurate (91%).

  • Nearly all respondents (96%) would recommend HITE to a colleague.

  • Among frequent users, nearly all (93%) reported that they were able to serve more people more effectively since they began using HITE.

  • Nearly all frequent users (95%) said that their clients were able to successfully access services that were identified using HITE.