A New Family-Focused Database for Bodega de la Familia's Work with Prisoners Coming Home in New York

Staff at Family Justice designed and implemented a comprehensive database designed to support its Bodega de la Familia® family case management approach to improving the health and well-being of formerly incarcerated individuals and their families in New York.

Family Justice is a New York-based organization that works to develop solutions that benefit people at greatest risk of cycling in and out of the criminal justice system.


Key Results

  • Family Justice developed a comprehensive database that focuses on the family, not the individual, as the unit of analysis. Key elements of the database include:

    • Capacity to collect and aggregate data about families, including: housing, child care, drug treatment and school/job performance.
    • Statistical reports that analyze relationships between these variables and tie them to outcomes.
    • Capacity for case managers to create electronic "genograms" that depict biological relationships among family members and "ecomaps" that diagram the strength of relationships in the family, and the role of faith, godparents and others in family members' lives, and the involvement of government or social service agencies.
    • Timelines that reflect families' progress.