Preferred Practices for Quality Palliative Care Described in Report from National Quality Forum

The National Quality Forum (NQF) used its national consensus process to create a framework and a set of preferred practices for quality palliative care that apply across all health care settings and professions.

The NQF framework for quality palliative care is based on the eight domains of the National Consensus Project's Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care issued in 2004.

Key Results

  • NQF produced a report—A National Framework and Preferred Practices for Palliative and Hospice Care Quality. The report outlines:

    • NQF's framework for evaluating the quality of palliative care.
    • Some 38 preferred practices for quality palliative care.
    • Recommendations for research to improve upon the measurement and evaluation of palliative and hospice care.
  • The full report is available on the RWJF website. An executive summary is available from the NQF.