Delivering Care Out of the Box

Disparities in HIV health care continue to exist among marginalized populations. The Health Services Program, located in New York City, seeks to integrate harm reduction and medical care models in its work with unstably housed substance users with or at-risk for HIV. 

Begun in 1999, the Health Services Program is a collaborative program between CitiWide Harm Reduction and Montefiore Medical Center to provide care through the Health Services Program. The article details the background of the Health Services Program.

Key Findings:                    

  • The program makes available medical and supportive services to individuals in locations such as single room occupancy (SRO) hotels, Montefiore’s Community Health Center (CHC) and a drop-in center at CitiWide.
  • Staff retention, limited financial resources and growing service demands were challenges to implementing the Health Services Program.

Integrating harm reduction and medical care models can lead to viable programs that address the needs of populations disproportionately impacted by HIV.