Simultaneous Improvement of Patient Care and Medical Student Training - Dartmouth Develops a New Model

Between December 2004 and June 2006, researchers from six medical centers, led by Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, N.H., created a conceptual model on how to improve—simultaneously—patient care and student training. They developed the model as a result of lessons learned from pilot projects conducted in different clinical settings during that time.

Key Results

  • Researchers constructed a conceptual model of how to create multidisciplinary training opportunities for health care students in clinical settings and also improve patient care. In the model, they stressed the importance of:
    • Collaboration between academic and clinical leadership at all levels within medical centers.
    • Linking health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, students and support staff at academic and clinic settings, via shared information systems.
  • The project director wrote a white paper in June 2006, Creating Something Special—Where Exemplary Care and Learning Come Together, which summarized the project, pilots and conceptual model.