Assessing Your Current Spread Activities for TCAB

The Goal:
Disseminate best practices and implement changes across all care units.

Why It's Important:
To fully leverage the success of a new method or innovation, it's imperative to spread it to other units within a hospital and even across an entire system. Sharing lessons learned and the best ways to improve quality care helps to ensure that innovations are sustained and enables all units to benefit from tested and proven changes.

How To Do It:

1. Clearly identify what will be spread so that all expectations are clear. Consider if it is a specific method or improvement.

  • Clearly outline the method or innovation and evidence of its success to share with target audiences. Process and outcomes data and patient and provider stories/testimonials are convincing evidence to get others to buy into the idea.
  • Showcase any tools or materials that are part of the method or innovation to introduce to new units.

2. Identify the target population for the innovation or method and the priority units.

  • Develop a plan to reach these target units. Ways to initiate the spread could be to convene a kick-off meeting for the method or innovation, establish regular meetings for spread units or utilize unit meetings for a standard time to discuss spread.

3. Determine the expected level of performance and measures for the target units. Include a time frame for the spread to take place. (e.g., weeks, months, quarters)

4. Develop a communications plan for spread.

  • It's important to identify the target audiences for communication and the appropriate channels to reach them (e.g., meetings, materials, etc.). Identify the champions, mentors and willing volunteers within a target unit.
  • Create opportunities for target units to communicate with method/innovation leaders.

5. Establish a system to collect and analyze measurement data on spread units.
Spread tracker templates (save and download to your desktop before opening) may be tailored for specific methods/innovations.

6. As initial methods and innovations are spread across units, identify the best practices for spread and refine the process for better success.

  • Some sites have a spread team that meets regularly to review progress and refine or change spread plans as necessary.