AMA Forms Permanent Commission to End Health Care Disparities, Identifies and Disseminates Information on Key Issues

Between June 2004 and December 2005, staff at the American Medical Association (AMA) conducted a series of planning activities designed to build and formalize the Commission to End Health Care Disparities. The commission, which originated in 2003, included specialty and state medical organizations and public health groups committed to eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health care.

Key Results

  • The Commission to End Health Care Disparities has become a permanent organization with 58 members. It is dedicated to increasing awareness of racial and ethnic health care disparities among physicians and other health care professionals and implementing solutions to eliminate such disparities.

  • A survey of 28 member organizations found that 18 had "targeted health care disparities as a key issue for its members."

  • A national survey of 1,800 physicians found that more than half (55%) agreed that "minority patients generally receive lower quality care than white patients." Physicians believe they have appropriate training and skills to address health care disparities and are actively engaged in and optimistic about the issue.