Circles of Care: Enhancing Access to Health Care in the Detroit Area

    • April 17, 2008

In 2005–2007, the Interfaith Health & Hope Coalition, composed of faith leaders and health care professionals, collaborated with the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority (DWCHA) to improve access to health care for the uninsured and the underinsured in Metropolitan Detroit.

Key Results

  • The coalition established a Circle of Care (a small network of faith groups and health care providers that focuses on community needs and helps people gain access to primary care and health education close to their homes) in Western Wayne County, and laid the groundwork for three more in the Detroit area.

  • The coalition sponsored five seminars, called Teach-Ins, to provide faith leaders and health care service providers with information and training on key health topics: asthma, depression, health care disparities and HIV/AIDS (two sessions). More than 375 local faith leaders and health care service providers attended the Teach-Ins, which were taught by health care professionals.