Public Agency Planners Given Guidance and Tools to Encourage the Planning and Design of Active Communities

From 2001 to 2006, the American Planning Association provided guidance and tools to urban planners and other planning and design professionals and decision-makers to help them create communities that promote physical activity.

Key Results

  • The American Planning Association produced:

    • Planning Active Communities, a report for planners and local officials.
    • "Planning and Designing the Physically Active Community Resource List."
    • An audio/Web conference in 2003.
    • Five case studies about how to plan for physically active communities.
    • Three articles in publications for association members.
    • Conference tracks at five association meetings (from 2002 to 2006) for planners about how to plan and design physically active communities.

Key Findings

  • The association subcontracted with Readex Research, a marketing research firm in Stillwater, Minn., to conduct a survey of public agency planners from the association's membership roster.

    • Planners said that almost two-thirds of the local elected and appointed officials they dealt with regarded the relationship among community planning, design and the ability of residents to engage in physical activity as an "important" or "emerging" issue.