We would like to begin by expressing our appreciation to Pat Crow, whose mastery of his craft demonstrates why he is widely considered to be a legendary editor. His contributions to this and to all previous volumes of the Anthology have been enormous.

We owe a debt of gratitude to many more people. Outside of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the external review committee—Susan Dentzer, Bill Morrill, Patti Patrizi and John Showstack—again provided us with great wisdom in their review of chapter drafts. Carolyn Shea proved herself to be an extraordinary fact checker. Ty Baldwin and Lauren MacIntryre were highly professional in entering editorial changes and presenting us with clean manuscripts. We extend our gratitude to Andy Pasternack, Seth Schwartz, Kelsey McGee, and others at Jossey-Bass who shepherded the book through print production.

Within the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, special thanks are due to David Morse, who plays a role akin to a third coeditor although he is not publicly credited for it, and to Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, whose respect for the integrity of the Anthology makes it possible for it to be open and unbiased. Molly McKaughan did her usual splendid job of critiquing every chapter, aided this year on one chapter by her colleague in the grant results reporting unit, Marian Bass. Edie Burbank-Schmitt provided invaluable research assistance, and Hinda Feige Greenberg, Mary Beth Kren and Barbara Sergeant were most efficient in finding books and articles that the authors and we needed. Deb Malloy, Sherry DeMarchi, Tina Hines and Chris Clayton made coordination between the San Francisco-based editor and the staff members at the Foundation seem easy. Marilyn Ernst was extremely conscientious in handling administrative matters, as were Mary Castria, Ellen Coyote, Carol Owle, Carolyn Scholer, and Chris Sowa in handling financial matters. Hope Woodhead and Barbara Sherwood oversaw production and distribution with their usual aplomb.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to those people who were gracious enough to review drafts of individual chapters: Nancy Barrand, Terry Bazzare, Adam Coyne, Nancy Fishman, Sue Hassmiller, Jane Lowe, Jim Knickman, Kate Kraft, Jim Marks, Joe Marx, Tracy Orleans, Steve Schroeder, Polly Seitz, Judy Stavisky, and Anne Weiss.

Finally, special thanks are due to Elizabeth Dawson, research and editorial director at Health Policy Associates, who plays a critical role in the entire Anthology process—handling everything from reviewing manuscripts and serving as liaison between authors and editors to supervising the production process and taking care of the administrate and financial matters.