Guidelines for Organizing Art Exhibitions on Addiction and Recovery

Creativity and artistic expression can play a significant role in raising awareness of the personal toll caused by substance abuse. But they also can be vital elements in recovery. Innovators Combating Substance Abuse, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, developed the addiction art project because of its pivotal role in the education and prevention of substance use disorders (abuse  and addiction). The program promotes the use of addiction art to complement addiction science in understanding, preventing and treating substance use disorders.

The Innovators Program developed a booklet for the purpose of sharing the program’s successful model of addiction art exhibitions with those interested in preventing and controlling substance use disorders in their communities and their families.

Written exhibition guidelines can serve as a useful tool to ensure that all planning aspects are included and executed in a timely manner. The booklet provides “how to” information that can be modified to reduce costs for organizing exhibitions in local communities. These guidelines are presented in trust for the use, expansion and modification of this model. Cost-saving approaches to help organize exhibitions to meet the education and prevention needs of your community can also be found in the booklet.