Spirituality Has a Role in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Maryland Researchers Say

Investigators with 9th Sign Communications conducted interviews with recovering addicts, treatment providers, researchers and government officials to examine the role of spirituality in treating alcohol and drug addiction.

Key Findings

  • Addiction is rooted in a physical, mental and spiritual imbalance. There is a necessity for a substance abuse treatment model that gives credence to the mind-body-spirit connection.

  • Although some believe that religion is spirituality, many others believe there is a clear delineation between the two. Words such as connection, meaning and purpose commonly have been used to describe spirituality across the board.

  • There is a widespread desire to delve more deeply into nontraditional healing techniques and to test their anecdotal effectiveness. For there to be any real movement in the field, the science has to meet the stories being told.

Key Recommendations

  • Convene a conference of researchers, government health officials, holistic practitioners and recovering addicts to discuss the variety of effective approaches and highlight the best practices.

  • Examine the affordability of holistic and alternative treatment recommendations.

  • Create an international clearinghouse of holistic resources.