Feasibility Study of National Council on Aging's Proposed Center for Diffusion of Innovations in Aging Services

The National Council on the Aging (NCOA) commissioned a study to determine the financial viability of a proposed Center for Diffusion of Innovations in Aging Services.

The center would:

  • Offer consulting services, processes and online technologies to speed the cost-effective expansion of evidence-based innovative programs or services for older adults through aging service organizations.
  • Assess market attractiveness for innovations, assess the readiness of organizations and potential early adopters to implement innovations and consult on resource development for sustaining innovations.
  • Advance the science and practice of diffusion of innovations in the field of aging.

Key Results

  • In a report titled Accelerating Innovative Replications: A Market Assessment for a Center for Diffusion of Innovations, the consulting firm of KrasnePlows reported the following key findings of the study:

    • The concept of the center is still unclear and too abstract for others to understand its applicability.
    • The potential market for the center's services is small, particularly if limited to foundations interested in replicating and funding programs serving older adults.

Key Recommendations

  • KrasnePlows recommended that NCOA:

    • Undertake, complete, evaluate and document demonstration projects that spread evidence-based innovations. Successful diffusion of innovative programs will provide evidence and concrete examples of the effectiveness of the potential center and its tools and services.
    • Reduce the proposed costs of providing services to attract a larger potential market.

Key Conclusions

  • Based on the findings of the study, NCOA concluded that it was premature to develop a full business plan for the proposed center.