Tobacco Control Journal Expands Offerings and Publishes on the Internet

    • November 30, 2007

Tobacco Control, an international peer-reviewed journal on tobacco-control policy, expanded its coverage of tobacco policy research and created an electronic full-text version of the journal (called TC Online).

Founded in 1992, Tobacco Control is published by the BMJ Publishing Group, which publishes the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Key Results

  • Journal editors:

    • Created "Policy Forum," a special section in each issue of the journal highlighting original articles dealing with tobacco policy research.
      • Some 40 or more pages of each issue are devoted to tobacco policy research, according to the project director.
    • Expanded publication of Tobacco Control in 2005 from four to six issues each year.
    • Created TC Online, an electronic full-text version of the journal.
      • Subscribers to the hard-copy version of Tobacco Control receive free access to the site. Online-only subscriptions, as well as institutional subscriptions to the BMJ family of journals, are available as well.
      • The site features free access to PowerPoint presentations from leaders in tobacco-control research.
      • Traffic to the site has increased steadily; based on August to September 2007 data, the site receives an estimated 4,744,165 page requests (i.e., people opening pages) per year.
    • Created a separate website, Tobacco Products, to highlight information on new tobacco products introduced into the marketplace, including products that purport to reduce "harm" or exposure to harmful components of tobacco and its smoke.