Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom

The Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom project is part of a broader Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative to assure that the nation has a diverse, well-trained leadership and workforce in health and health care to meet the needs of all Americans.

Nurses provide comfort and care. Those skills are central to the profession, but modern nursing also demands and develops competency in communications, management and leadership. Those skills are as valuable in a boardroom as at bedside.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many nurses become leaders in health and other fields. With their leadership abilities, experience and knowledge, nurses are a natural asset to boards of directors of the nation's leading health care and quality organizations. Yet frequently, nurses don't have a place at the table.

RWJF created Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom to facilitate relationships between health care organizations and nurses, and to train future nurse leaders.

This brochure provides more information about Nurse Leaders in the Boardroom.